The Lifting Academy Limited is a workforce development service which specialises in National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) for those responsible for safer lifting operations. This includes Lift Planners (Appointed Person), Crane and Lifting Operations Supervisors, Slinger/Signallers and Crane Operators.

Every lifting operation is a safety critical activity, and every lifting operation is a vital part of any industry including the construction, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, dock/harbours, and utility sectors.

Operating any type of lifting equipment is skillful, challenging and rewarding but it also has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Those not sufficiently trained or those whose competence has not been assessed or reassessed through a structured company policy pose the greatest risk to safety.

Even when professionally trained, operators can become complacent, pick-up bad work habits or cut corners. Employers should monitor their employees to guard against falling standards and compromised safety through a well-structured, relevant, and appropriate training/assessment plan which is regularly reviewed.

The Lifting Academy Limited was established with the aim of delivering a dedicated service to the lifting industry and to promote safer lifting operations wherever and whenever lifting equipment is used in the workplace.

As well as NVQs we also offer advice on training, ongoing competency assessments, structured course development for in-house training and other workforce development areas which impact on the safety and competence of those working with lifting equipment.

NVQs are standalone, formal qualifications which are internationally recognised as a measure of a person’s ability to perform their work to an industry agreed standard.

By ensuring that all operatives are professionally trained and able maintain their skills, knowledge and experience over time, the employer can be assured that each operative is competent to perform their duties in a safe, efficient, and legally compliant manner.

Competent operators not only work safer and more efficiently when professionally trained, but they are more likely to improve customer/client relationships by demonstrating good working practices whilst working on site.

This is vital when operatives are on short term hire such as crane drivers, slinger/signallers and lift supervisors.

Benefits of National Vocational Qualifications include;

  • Improved performance and motivation of employees
  • Improvements in the quality of service to clients
  • A workforce with skills relevant to the business
  • Lower staff turnover

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